Welcome to the careers section of LLP RU-6

LLP RU-6 is the first uranium mining company in our region. Since the early years of its existence company systematically has stepped up its mining metal, has generated massive construction platform and has posed modern vehicle fleet. It has developed communication, energy and utilities simultaneously. Rapidly has been carried out construction of social, cultural and domestic facilities. LLP RU-6 staff possesses enormous production capacities, unique technologies, potent manufacturing base, high-skilled human resources and produces high quality goods.

Hundreds of competent and high-end staff who had started working lives right here, successfully employed in various industries of National Atomic Company Kazatomprom all over the Kazakhstan.

The personnel policy is aimed at the strengthening and preservation of personnel potential, to build an effective motivation system, and to create conditions for the full development of personnel.

We appreciate how our employees strive to achieve results, their willingness to work in a team and take responsibility, and the great importance they place in the promotion of labor and in the degree of efficiency.

Employment in Kazatomprom LLP RU-6 is performed by competitive selection of candidates for occupation of vacant management, administrative positions and labor professions.

1 When looking for staff, we use different communication channels

  • We place ads on the Company's website, corporate portal, specialized Internet resources;
  • We speak with recruiting company, an Employment Agency;
  • The search is made in the database of CVs which are regularly delivered.

2 Receive resumes from persons wishing to take part in competition

Within 10 calendar days from publication of vacancy we accept CV

3  Testing of the professional knowledge of the selected candidates

4  Selection by the competition commission

Candidates pass an interview with the HR director of Partnership.

The competition commission will evaluate the candidate, taking into account the test results and the interview with the Head of the Structural Division; and then draw up a protocol on nominating candidates.

5 Making decision

The final decision on employment is made by the CEO of Partnership on the candidate who has successfully passed selection.

6  Registration of labor relations

Conclusion of the labor contract and issuance of an order of employment.